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basket-tattoosIf you’re on this site then it’s no surprise to you how addicting and passionate tattoos can make you feel. It was once considered inappropriate for basketball players to have any outwardly visible tattoos. Turn on any game today and you’ll see more players than not have several tattoos.

Our hobby, self-expression or whatever you want to call it, has finally become mainstream and I think this is a very good thing. The more exposure the art has the more people will be attracted to it. The more people that are in the industry means more talent and ideas that will come around.

The next big thing will become even bigger and better in the world of tattoos. I’m excited to see it and those who have been in it long enough know that it hasn’t always been like this. Trends are trends and fads are fads, but I feel like tattoo trending will only continue to be on an upward swing for the foreseable future.

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